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Anisha Baral

Change is only one thing that is constant in the world. To gain the height of success, we have to accept the fact and learn to fit with the change which has also been elaborated by Darwin in Survival of fittest. For our survival itself, we must move on and adapt the change. We can’t forget that we are growing older day by day and see change within us. But the matter of fact is the heart right below the brain still wants the joy that we had in our childhood, roll down in the muddy street, and play during rain, run with carefree and so on. Physically it might not be possible. And aging impossible means ‘I am possible’ we found possibility in impossible.

‘What if we conduct some program to bring smiles back to some extent not as a child but as an initiator?’ This thought strikes me for times. Once we visited Khagendra Nawajiban Kendra, Jorpati, Kathmandu that triggered my childhood days and thought to steal their time and re-live our old days. When I first entered in that school I find myself in a very positive environment with smiling, caring and supporting each other. Even though many of the students don’t have their parents, some of them are unable to walk like a normal person, talk like a normal person but they don’t have any complains in life.

The blooming of blue mimosas all around the school periphery added additional attractiveness when I got a moment of welcome by a sweet little girl on her wheelchair. She asked me, ‘are you searching for anyone?’ The blue mimosa was falling on us as the weather was windy and about to rain. I would love to say that I was searching for this peaceful and beautiful moment giving smiles but ended asking her ‘where is the principal Sir office?’

When I entered with my three other friends in the school, I really wanted to make the paper plan successful. It was not just for them but for everyone who has the plan to engage in the event. It is because happiness is all about sharing. Apart from out hectic schedules and piles of cases and research articles review assignments, we managed time for this event.  We also had proper time schedules for meeting with representatives of business houses, convince them and bring sponsors. The moment of a rush after the lectures, saving time even while eating and all doesn’t count that much rather it makes happy as this made the event successful. And big thank you to our helping hands’ energetic volunteers, sponsors and yes, of course, college management for every possible support they provided to us.

Finally, all the preparation was done and the day came which we were waiting for. When we entered in school. The day was Friday. It was their break time. They were waiting for us to organize the first program of the event, i.e. drawing competition.  I got a moment to share with them in the classroom. One of the innocent girl students among the last bench said, ‘madam you are so kind to us. You came from that far to make us happy.’  After listening to those words, I actually found positive vibes and goodness in me, that moment I actually smiled from my inner heart.

After the drawing competition, to entertain the school level students we had a magic show and dancing program. While managing the program I was in the stage and I saw all the beautiful faces from the front stage.  I could see myself in each of them. I found my childhood in each of them. I wanted to be surprised with them though, I earlier knew the tricks through the internet but sitting in between them and enjoying the magic show was something like I am re-living my childhood.

I discovered myself as a good singer when I sang a song –Fulko akha ma…where they gave me company in each line by singing by each of the students. I know I am not good at singing, but that day I learn that it’s only the willing heart that matters not the perfection to bring the happiness. For me event was beyond the success it was wonderful when I see that child with innocent smiles receiving stationary items from our respected principal Dr. Nar Bahadur Bista sir and very next time looking at the bag to see the items they got and gossiping with a friend by their sides.

Students were so polite that, each and every one were thanking us for our initiation and that moment if only I could collect all those thank you in bags than its obvious that I would be calling  a trolley for carrying those bags with all those loving greetings. At the end, what I learn from the entire day is that happiness is all about sharing and sharing is caring.  No wonder it’s our highly dedicated volunteer team that made the program written in paper successful as alive as it was dreamt of. So in a true sense I can say this event is a moment to remember.

The writer is a student at Uniglobe College and president of Uniglobe Center for Social Programs.

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