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Academic Director’s Message

Radhe Shyam Pradhan, PhD

Academic Director

Greetings from Uniglobe College!

It is a matter of great pleasure for me to share some of my thoughts. I am writing this small note at a time when our country is passing through a difficult period.

On the one hand, we are still not able to implement the new constitution in its true spirit and on the other, the global meltdown which started from the west is still threatening the growth of developing nations including Nepal. At Uniglobe, full-time MBA college in Nepal, we can only hope that as a citizen of the nation we will not be distracted from the goal of building a strong nation based on the true democratic norms and values.

We have been witnessing that the paradox of life has changed greatly over the years. These days we have more degrees but less education. We are rich in knowledge but poor in judgment or decision making. We have more experts but at the same time, we have more problems. We have more doctors and more medicines but at the same time, we are less healthy. We have multiplied our possession but we have fewer values. Such are the changes taking place in our society. We talk too much but we do little. We have learned to make a living but not a life. We have wider roads but narrow viewpoints. We have conquered outer space but not the inner space. We have a fancier house but no home or with a broken home. Most families have two incomes but at the same time more divorce also. Hence, it is already a high time for us to produce educated people than qualified people, to promote a wider view of life, to develop an inner space, to reduce divorce rates, and to create a better home where we all can live happily. Uniglobe, top-ranked management college in Nepal is just not imparting management education but it is also involved in building basic values of human life and produce a good citizen with a wider vision which is so required for building a strong nation. I welcome the prospective students to participate in this process as much as possible and try to contribute to resolving them at earliest.