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Lokmanya Golchha

Industrialist Lokmanya Golchha, Chairman of Golchha Organization gave 8 key ways to become a successful person.
1. Discipline
To become a leader, the first one needs his/her own self-discipline. This results in followers to stay and learn from the leader’s quality of being disciplined. You also can observe from many great leaders had self-disciplined and never compromised about it. To be successful, the first thing you need to have is discipline.
2. Respectful
Always respect others. If you respect others, you will not lose your reputation rather you will receive more respect from them. In your workplace, whether that be your juniors, lower staffs, respect them. If you respect your juniors they will be happier, they will do more work and bring more result which will ultimately make you and team successful.
3. Value of Time
Yesterday is already gone, the present is what we do, tomorrow, we don’t know. Always be on time. While attending meetings, programs and events, be earlier than the stated time. In Japan, while people make an appointment with seniors or in other offices, people reach 5 minutes earlier. They knock the door at the exact time. It is not just about you, it’s about the development and success of your company. This culture is a must in our nation too.

4. Positive Attitude
It helps you a lot to become successful if you have a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude at your work or in your life, helps you to become happy, listen to others, be more helpful and work on innovative ideas. Mostly these days, people lack positivity, which creates frustration and depression. This harms a person a lot and the close ones of theirs.
5. Keep your doors open to learning more
There is no age limitation to learn and gain knowledge. In the organization where you work as managers or supervisors, you might feel, ‘I know everything’, ‘juniors should always listen to me’ – But that is wrong. You might learn a lot from anyone even from juniors. In my case also, I do listen to staffs at my office. We might have arguments but listening to them helps me to gain more knowledge.
6. Say bye-bye to ego problems
The biggest enemy of our life is ego. Be friendlier to your co-workers and other members of the organization. Having an ego will destroy you. So, say bye-bye to ego and be happier.
7. Develop a better future plan & be focused on it
In our life, most of us fail to develop our future plan. We go on what it comes in front of us. It is very important to set a goal and make your future plan accordingly. Once you make your future plan, be focused on your plan. Don’t engage yourself in 4-5 places.
8. Be aware of your own Culture
Don’t forget our culture. I feel that our culture is the best in the world. It’s always ok to copy good things for other culture too. But respect our culture. We might not be aware of most of the things too regarding the culture.
Above writing is the part of Key Note Speech by Industrialist Lokmanya Golchha, Chairman of Golchha Organization. The program was Graduation Ceremony MBA 8th & 9th Batch, 25th January 2017 at Soaltee Crown Plaza, Tahachal, Kathmandu.
This writing is compiled by Pradeep Parajuli, Corporate Relationship Manager, Uniglobe College.

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