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Management Fest

Management Fest


Mad Ad

Uniglobe, the best management college in Nepal brings out the creativity of students by facilitating them to design outstanding advertisement. Mad Ads is a team event. Participants shall be judged on the basis of spontaneity, content, and adherence to the topic, on-stage presentation, coordination and overall appeal of the advertisement.


Tag the Brand

Uniglobe College develops the skills to promote a product, a service, a person or the company itself with a creative partner who can answer you are essential questions in its students. They involve in the process of collection of some of the answers to their prospective clients’ questions.


Idea Pitching

Uniglobe, the best business school in Nepal empowers students to peach their ideas, concepts, and knowledge to another person in a successful manner. Students don’t ever allow themselves to believe that there is only one way to make ideas real. If they are truly creative, they can apply the same talent used to come with their idea, to the problem of how to make their idea real.



A presentation is a process of presenting a topic to an audience. It is a way of a demonstration, introduction through which the students of Uniglobe, the top-ranked management college get success to move the targeted audience.


Business Quiz

Uniglobe, the best management school offers a platform for the students to test the “retrieve information effortfully from memory, and that such effortful retrieval turns out to be a wonderfully powerful mnemonic device in many circumstances”.


Public Speaking

Students of Uniglobe, the best college participates its students in the process of communicating in the specified setting. They have to face a large audience through it they are equipped with how to communicate to an audience include sharpening critical thinking and verbal/non-verbal communication skills.


Case Analysis

Case analysis competition at Uniglobe college is designed to look at a particular company dilemma or problem from the student’s perspective. Participants present and discuss their views on the issues and devise a solution. The solution is applicable to the problem of the business world.


Business Debate

Uniglobe College makes students to the support the dedicated team of specialists who develop, curate and promote campaigns that engage people, kindle conversations and connect audiences across the world with leading people and organizations.  It makes them bring out new thinking that is emerging from the business world.



Uniglobe, the top-ranked college in Nepal creates opportunities to ensure social justice, instill confidence and stimulate the economy to its students. Entrepreneurs can change the way they live and work. If successful, their revolutions may improve the standard of living. They get success to create jobs and the conditions for a flourishing society.