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Foreign Faculty

Foreign Faculty

Uniglobe College offers the classes and guest lecturers of foreign faculty to install diversity, a new perspective, and skill in its students. The international faculty is an increasingly important part of the global academic environment of the 21st century. Uniglobe believes that being part of both the symbolic and practical aspects of internationalization, international academics constitute a diverse subset of the global academic labor force. The College has invited more than two dozens of foreign faculty at the college.

There is a long list of visiting faculty members. The eminent foreign faculty invited at Uniglobe College are Prof. Dr. Alojzy Z. Nowak, Poland; Prof. Dr. Rado Bohinc, Slovenia; Prof. Dr. Yochanan Shachmurove, USA; Prof. Dr. Ruth Taplin, UK; Dr. John Walsh, Prof. Dr. Srinath Ramnath, Thailand; Prof. Dr. M. H. Sharieff, Prof. Dr. Shaji Kurian from IFIM, Bangalore; Prof. Dr. Sommonnoy Ghosh, Prof. Dr. P. Nayak, Dr. K.C. Arora, Dr. Arindem Banerjee, Dr. Dhurba Chak and Dr. Gagan Katiyar from BIMTECH, India.

Similarly, Prof. Dr. Jayanta Parida, Prof. Dr. Santosh Kumar Tripathy, Prof. Dr. Supriti Mishra, Utkal University, India; Dr. Shweta Jha, Dr. Srirang Jha, Apeejay School of Management, India; Dr. Purva Shah, Dr. Rashmi Soni, Mumbai; Prof. Runa Maitra, Prof. Latika Tandon and Dr. Monika Bansal from Delhi have also taught different courses at Uniglobe College.

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