BBA-BI like any other bachelor program is a four-year Program, but if you have studied BBA-BI you are sure to have an upper edge over other management graduates especially while applying in the financial institution jobs such as in the Banks, Insurance Companies, Finance Companies, Development Banks, Investment and Fund Management etc. The reason why there is an advantage in studying BBA-BI is that besides studying finance and accounting courses, BBA-BI students have to study various other courses which is specifically related to Banking and Insurance. To name some of the Banking and Insurance related courses are Credit Risk Management, Treasury Management, Risk and Insurance Management, Life and Health Insurance, and Property and Liability Insurance.  Earning a BBA – BI degree prepares students for management-level positions in the industry and gives them greater marketability.

Students benefit from the fact that the course is practice focused and is therefore focused on the skill base needed in the industry. Successful and engaged students will have developed a systematic understanding of the finance, banking and insurance disciplines, using the most up-to-date material and exposure to the latest theory and research on these topics. As a part of the degree program, they are also exposed to the international business scenario. The elective modules also give students the ability to further specialize in the core subjects.

Besides preparing for jobs, the BBA – BI degree also helps in developing business expertise in students to start their own business. Students educated in BBA – BI, eventually come out with the confidence to start a business of their own. Although a BBA – BI degree is not a prerequisite for being a business entrepreneur, it definitely provides an added advantage to business endeavors. It equips students with entrepreneurial skills and gives them a deeper knowledge of business operations in the corporate world.