Greetings from Uniglobe College!

It gives me a great pleasure to be with a student like you through this message. To be a student at Uniglobe is a great privilegeAcademic Director image and also is a great challenge. The students here are bright and sharp; they are hardworking and sincere. Uniglobe College has
grown both, in size and scope. Uniglobe College has received the attention of many students particularly in recent years and the quantity has not led to the erosion of quality. This institution is growing from its strength to strength. And, the nation and the society will benefit from the commitments and skills of Uniglobe College students.

The world history is full of financial crises from time to time. The financial crisis of the recent past has several implications for the well-functioning of the financial system in any country. Some parts of the financial system were loosely regulated or not regulated at all. There is also a lack of clear understanding of the implications of various derivative products. There is a mismatch between financial innovation and the ability of the regulators to monitor them. More recently attention has been paid to the merger of different financial institutions but we need to become aware of the fact that if they become big beyond a certain size then ‘too big to fail’ cannot be avoided. Another issue is whether the financial system should have a single regulator or multiple regulators. The innovation of new financial time it has also increased the risks too. So far there is no specific answer to these questions. I welcome the prospective students joining Uniglobe College to explore in hand in hand with faculties and practitioners on these important issues and try to contribute as much as possible in resolving them at the earliest.

With best wishes,

Prof. Dr. Radhe Shyam Pradhan
Academic Director

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