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Every end has a new beginning. But I have never thought my journey towards the new beginning would drive to the same place from where I began. Probably a month back, I saw a surprising & unusual pop-up on my mobile screen. It was from one of the Head of Department of Oxford College of Engineering & Management – Naran sir.  Oxford was where I completed my undergraduate studies at Nawalparasi.

‘Anisha, Can I have your number?’ Naran Sir asked me in the messenger.

I replied with the same pattern of numbers from 0 to 9. My friends used to save my name as Gundruk which my hair is very similar to.

He added, ‘it looks like, you are being involved in many training and workshops, as I see your pictures on Facebook and Instagram.’

I replied, ‘that’s true sir, in the last couple of years we had much training in entrepreneurship & business development plans.’

He asked, ‘Will it be possible to bring your brothers & sisters to share some of them here at Nawalparasi, in our college?’

It made me realize something very deep. This moment, I really found myself like patting from the back ‘yes, literally I am growing’.   Though I was just taking some baby steps only, but the journey from Oxford College alumni to trainer takes hardly few minutes to decide.

I immediately replied, ‘that would be a great opportunity to us, sir.’

Reflecting back, I should be very thankful to Uniglobe College for providing the fertile platform where not only I grew my branches but also I had fruits to share, even before my graduate degree. As I received the call from Naran Sir and knew all the details of the date and program modality, I immediately called my team. And guess what, everyone was cheering and had that excitement, not only for this opportunity but the felt of achievement. The excitement level of my friends was even higher as it was their very first visit to Chitwan and Nawalparasi.

Feb 13, 5 am in the early morning, raining in Kathmandu and winter was yet not finished, was making us sleep a bit more but breaking up with them, we woke up and get into the bus at 5:45 am. We reached Chitwan at 12.00 PM and I had booked the hotel in Narayani riverside, as I was pretty sure that I will be showing my college to my team from the hotel rooms with a beautiful Narayani view.

The very next day was February 14, surfing Facebook and Instagram we could see most of our friends posting and sharing the couple’s pictures and messages full of love. We were on the other side of the story, with our own world preparing for the event’s success. Early morning about 15 minutes of walk from hotel we reached to college and met Naran sir. He was so pleased to see us at Oxford College and yes of course for some moments I went to flashback remembering old days of high school and undergraduate.

From 7 am, we started our formal session on “Workshop on Business Plan Development” where 75 plus students of BBA 3rd semester participated. We started with the motivational session which included the path of entrepreneurs where entrepreneurs start their journey even before undergraduates. After the first session, we discussed components of the business plan and how to incorporate into the lean business canvas model. Participants were already ready with their team with at least one idea by each team as business profile model was sent earlier to them.  After the group activity, we had a time for socialization. We also conducted management games. We had a good time to know many of participants even in a better way.

In the second day, when we reached college, some of the participants were already in the hall before we were there. I felt like- the first day of the workshop seems to be effective. We started with discussion regarding different factors that are crucial for success and failure of start-ups. In another session, we discussed participants business idea in detail. We then conducted team building games. It was so grateful to observe their creativity in the games. Concluding the program, participants sharing session regarding the 2-day workshop was held where they had amazing learning experiences. It was very pleasing to listen to them. Remembering back to their words, it keeps me motivated to do good works. Naran Sir from the College provided us token of love and captured photos in the premise of the college.

Life is always amazing if you continue to do the good works. You don’t know what surprises you get on the journey. This is among the best memories of my life so far. Cheers to Uniglobe College for nurturing me that has led me to path in bringing impact in the lives of people.

Anisha Baral, The writer is an MBA Finance, a student at Uniglobe College and president of Uniglobe Center for Social Programs, and also the core organizing member of First National Level Business Plan Competition – Uniglobe Idea 2018

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