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Upendra Poudel_NMB-CEO

Upendra Poudel, CEO of NMB bank gave a valuable lesson to the graduating students. He shared 8 life lessons from his experience.
1. Positive Attitude
One needs to have a positive attitude. There is no substitute for this. When we look around us, political situation and working culture, we are suffering from negativity. In recent time, I mentioned regarding the problems on liquidity, as a Banker and leader of the Banking Association. But receiving the information and attitude towards the concerned matter was not heard. And with the negative attitude, the problem even gets worst. As a result of today, we are having a liquidity crisis. Real research starts after the worst case. So, students, you need to have a positive attitude that will make the problems simpler and get success in life.
2. Set a goal
When I was working in an earlier bank, in one of the training, I was asked, ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years and 15 years from now?’ I was paused for a while and then I set a goal. By 5 years I will lead the department and by 10 years I will be in senior executive and by 15 years I will be the CEO of the bank. I achieved what I set as per 5 years and 10 years. But at 14th year, I realized I am not going to be the CEO. Grinlays Bank currently Standard Charter bank wants someone to lead from the parent company. By the time I was called by the small financial company to lead and become the CEO. It was very small but today this institution has become the largest bank in the country. To tell you that today it has become the largest bank and I set a goal to reach it. Whatever I aspire to I achieved, so graduates it is important to set a goal.
3. Celebrate your achievement
The celebration gives you a lot of encouragement and energy. It can be celebrated among your close one. When you get the success you want to do it more. Once you know to ride the bike, it feels to ride again and again. Success in one numerical problem in academics makes us feel ‘wow! I did it.’ Celebrating whether you big or small achievements give you more energy to do and sharpen in a particular field.
4. Get deeper into your passion
As Steve Jobs once said, ‘Do great things which you love to be’ some of you have already started working and some of you have started your venture. Whatever you are doing and wherever you are doing enjoy to the fullest. If you are not enjoying it leave it whatever it is because you can’t get excellence in that part. Find something in which you are going to enjoy.

5. Go for being an entrepreneur
I want many of you to see as an entrepreneur. Let us not just imagine to work or be employed rather provide jobs to many others and then the only country will progress. During our time, while we used to graduate, our generation has limited choice and wanted to work in the government sector. More than that, these days many young people are going aboard. People like you need to create jobs and stop people for their better life.
6. Working attitude
Once I used to work at the Hotel but then I wanted to join a bank. That was a prestigious bank and many people wanted to join that organization. I work for 3 months and I returned back. Do you know why? In that office people used to come at 10:30 am of 10:00 am time. It was winter season initially they used to take a sunbath for more than an hour. After that, we used to work for an hour and go for lunch. Interesting is that some of them even don’t return after lunch. I realized I am going to spoil my career this way. How do I learn more in this working environment? If I don’t work, how do I grow further? So, I switched and I believe that is the attitude towards work. I suggest you all work hard and work more. Don’t complain about your boss for giving you more task rather thank him for providing an opportunity to work more and prove.
7. Trust Yourself
Once we had a Jungle Safari, we saw a thin rope that was tied to the leg of an elephant. I asked the owner of an elephant, ‘won’t it crash the knot and run away’ – He replied, ‘when this elephant was very young, its body was also small and thin rope used to hold it easily. At that time it was impossible to run away. And from that time it won’t run easily. He believes what he is doing. Trusting own self is very important. Trust yourself and do great works.
8. Never give up
Life is 10% of what you do and 90% of what you react upon. So be careful what words you listen and what do you react on it. During the time of working, you will face various problems. You will be challenged and pressurized. You will be getting obstacles too. Dear graduates ‘Never ever give up’
At last, my best wishes to you all graduating young people. This nation needs you, please don’t go abroad to get settled, it hurts me more. Our country is badly managed and we need good managers like you.

Above writing is the part of Key Note Speech by CEO of NMB Bank Mr Upendra Poudel. The program was Graduation Ceremony MBA 8th & 9th Batch, 25th January 2017 at Soaltee Crown Plaza, Tahachal, Kathmandu.

This writing is compiled by Pradeep Parajuli, Corporate Relationship Manager, Uniglobe College. 

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