Concept Uniglobe Student Centre for Entrepreneurship

When we recall the term entrepreneurship then it revels in leadership, vision, innovation risk, uncertainty and so on. In most of the college education at undergraduate and graduate level, the traditional approach of teaching/learning is followed. However, the new emerging courses like BBA, BBA-BI, and MBA are expected to have more practical learning through exposure and experience. In many developed nations, students are provided various platforms to enhance communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, research and so on.

Students are unable to explore on their own entrepreneurial trait unless they are exposed on the entrepreneurial platforms.  Uniglobe Student Center for entrepreneurship is student enhancing platform towards the entrepreneurial journey.  Entrepreneurship is need of the nation for the growth of the county’s economy.

The objective of the Uniglobe Student Centre for Entrepreneurship

  • To engage students in Entrepreneurship process
  • Exposing students to innovation and new product development
  • To enhance leadership skills
  • To be more proactive and solve the problems with an innovative approach
  • To complement the market need for creating more jobs


Concept Uniglobe Student Center for Social Programs  (USCSP)

In Uniglobe College, we celebrate various occasions. Uniglobe Student Center for Social Programs (USCSP) can be a platform for the students to work in collaboration with fellow friends, stakeholders, and college officials to bring innovative social programs that could be on celebrating various festivals, college events, social service activities and so on.


  • To work in a team, learn from each other and explore the program organizing skill
  • To collaborate with various stakeholders from vendors to guests
  • To learn the global practice of effective execution of the program
  • To excel on the need of current market demand

Thinking about what you can’t do is a worry. Thinking about what you can do is planning. ….

Uniglobe Center for Social Programs