UNIGLOBE provides all resources and services that add value to its programs-from a modern college building to well-equipped computer halls, information resource center to the cafe. All these resources have been properly designed to enable you to perform better in everything you do.


Gardening and greenery maintained inside the college premises create the feeling of entering into a resort and people feel relaxed with the clean, healthy and serene environment. Uniglobe College has such an infrastructure that appears ideal and attractive for concentrative learning and teaching activities. The premises are kept tidy and intellectually friendly in order to maintain furnishing standard up-to-date in order to support a sound academic environment.


The college runs professional business programs which are based on excessively practical learning modules. The major portion of the MBA, MBA-Finance, BBA and BBA-BI curricula is operant with computer support. To meet this requirement for the meaningful operation of the programs, the college has ensured the availability of a sophisticated computer lab equipped with branded computers. All computers are connected to the Internet through a dedicated lease-line (100/100 Mbps) serving the needs of 400 students at a time.


Each and every classroom of the college has in-build multi-media facility, audio-visual and computer access with internet facility. Internet facility is available for each computer and laptops and Wi-Fi facility is spread over the entire premises of the college. All the classrooms and most of the college areas are covered by CCTV surveillance.


The library at Uniglobe College is resourceful with sufficient volumes. It is enriched by e-library containing plenty of text and reference books in addition to reference resources such as magazines, journals and news bulletins relevant for business and management studies. Students are free to opt for e-library facilities or they can make ample use of physically equipped library with books, international journals, and references from diverse areas of management studies.


UNIGLOBE Information Resource Center serves the information needs of both students and faculty. It houses about 8000 volumes of relevant textbooks, international subscriptions like Harvard Business Review, Business Week and other dailies and magazines. Connected with Internet facilities.


UNIGLOBE uses a very powerful and dynamic tool for effective learning. The MIS keeps and updates records of each and every student in terms of attendance, course – taken, syllabus, assignments, project works, class tests and grades. It also provides links to other valuable resources which add value to students learning the process.


Intellectual learning demands rigorous mental exercise over the unlimited time hours. Uniglobe College has ensured fully hygienic canteen facilities with professional staff to serve the students, college staff and visiting guests with standard food items for breakfast, snacks, and main courses. Varieties of local as well as the continental menu are served at the canteen at a reasonable cost.


There is a reading section attached with the library. Besides the reading section, the college also provides a separate reading lounge with sophisticated furnishing, high speed internet, reading cabinets and separate computers. Students spent their time from morning to evening for research and other study works very comfortably.


There is an auditorium hall named ‘Sagarmatha Hall’ at the top floor of the academic building. It is equipped with ultra-modern technologies like multimedia, audio-visuals, internet/Wi Fi, air conditions and comfortable sitting arrangements. It can be set as a round table sitting for seminars and theatre setting for lectures. It accommodates 200 persons in theater setting. Another small seminar hall is also available in the first floor of the building availing all the facilities.