Training on Career Planning and Development

This training program was conducted at the college to facilitate the MBA 6th term students with the insight into the Nepalese job market. This program was conducted in association with MEROJOB.COM and was taken by Mr. Shailendra Raj Giri (Managing Director of Merojob & Realsolutions).

The program covered the following aspects:

1. Resume-its type, structure, content and importance
This session provided students with the knowhow of writing the best resume that an employer would seek from an employee. Also, the students got to learn the techniques of writing a good resume which would help in their career building.
2. Cover Letter- its type, structure, content and importance
This session of training was focused in providing the students with the techniques of writing the best cover letter. Since the students are exposed to a varied job market of Nepal, the instructor guided them to prepare a cover letter relevant to a certain industry or job market.
3. Interview Skills-what, why, when and how
This session covered all the aspects of the interview that our students would face in the real time interview scenario in the job market of Nepal. Also, the students were presented with the frequently asked questions in the interview and the skills to tackle those questions.
4. Current Job Market Scenario
The instructor himself being the front runner in the outsourcing company provided all the information’s regarding the current job market scenario. He discussed the numerous opportunities available to the students in different industries. The students were enlightened regarding the available opportunities’ that he/she could explore and get employed.
5. Getting prepared for the job market
The students were prepared regarding the interview skills, the attire that they should maintain and the amount of research to be carried on the industries they are willing to work. Also, they were instructed regarding the use of the job portals like merojob. Therefore, they were introduced to all the technicalities required to be an excellent candidate for a particular job.