A balance between good grades and practical skills is an important part of learning in management studies. there is no doubt that the academic environment of the college is also excellent and different than others in the market. the students get involved in many activities where they feel the experience of real life learning environment.

The college arranges various guest lectures and seminars inviting the professionals and practitioners from various functional areas so that the student can get enough chances to interact with them about the challenges of work life experiences.

The college gives strong emphasis for the development of entrepreneurship hence it conducts business plan competition and entrepreneurship competition at the college regularly. The college helps the students to prepare feasible business plans and coordinate it with the business community to implement the plan in practice. The college also provides seed money up to certain limit depending upon the business proposal to the students in various groups and encourages them to start their own business during their study life. Understanding the business theories through these practical aspects have become very fruitful for the graduates in their real life.


With the real-life cases of different organizations inside the classroom,the students feel like they are working in an organization as a manager and solving the problems themselves in the real life. This teaching pedagogy is very popular in Harvard Business School, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and in other reputed business schools. Uniglobe College also follows this approach to teaching.


Having provided an ample exposure to theoretical discussions on research methodology during the class sessions, students are required to undertake field visits to various sectors as their follow up assignments for the practical and real life learning. The college encourages students of each batch to participate in excursions and industrial visits for acquiring the practical exposures. The past batch of students have visited many industrial areas of Nepal, India and Thailand. They have also visited the remote and rural areas like Manang, Mustang and other places of Nepal to understand the life style and culture of people.


This is a mega event of the college organized for all the undergraduate and graduate level students. The students are fully responsible to organize it and the event is entirely supported by the college. The objective of this event is to prepare the Uniglobe graduates to face the challenges in their real business life. The events conducted during the fest are business plan competition, presentation competition, entrepreneurship competition, business debate, public speaking, tag the brand, mad ad and business quiz. The fest is helpful to learn practical aspects of business life during the study period with the slogan “learn with fun”.


Learning cannot be confined to life skill building for professional living only, it must also be in sideways blended with the values of altruism and social services as well. Uniglobe College gives equal importance to social work as a part of ethical value education. To this end, students are mobilized to collect fund and resources for aid- upon- crises which is normally extended to the communities,  individuals or members in risks resulting from natural catastrophes or human-guided action. Students at Uniglobe College can contribute in this regard by volunteering on the special occasions that may be social, religious and institutional types.