Examination Rules
Important Notice
– The students are required to pass in First Internal, Second Internal and Final Internal Examination to be eligible to sit for End Term Examination conducted by Pokhara University.
– No reason whatsoever will be entertained for being absent in examination.
– Under no circumstance will retake -examination be conducted.
During Examination
– Students must arrive on time at the examination hall. Those who are late by more than 30 minutes will not be allowed to sit for exam.
– Students who arrive after the time allocated for objective questions will not be given the objective question paper.
– Students are not allowed to borrow/exchange any article or instrument during examination (i.e. pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, calculator, statistics/finance table etc.)
– Side talking, looking at other’s answer copy and showing answer copy to others are strictly prohibited.
– Students are not allowed to carry their mobile phone throughout examination hours. The device must be switched off and kept in the bag.
– Students will be allowed to go to the rest room or to drink water only once during examination hours, for maximum 3 minutes. This facility can be utilized only after the first hour and before the last 30 minutes of the examination.
– No student is allowed to leave the examination hall before the first hour of examination period.
– Any misconduct during examination may result in deduction of marks or expulsion of the student from the examination. Invigilators will exercise their discretion in this regard.
Class Attendance Rules
Uniglobe College has devised following rules regarding class attendance in order to ensure full participation of students in the classroom for active learning process.
– Respective subject teacher will take student’s attendance. He/she has the right to mark students absent if they enter classroom late.
– No student is allowed to remain absent from class for any personal reason.
– Only absence due to health problems will be considered with approved leave provided that students submit convincing evidence of being ill during absence. (Evidence: hospital’s prescription and/or request letter properly signed by the guardians/parents with contact no.)
– However, the number of such sick leaves will be limited to 4 class days only.
– The coordinator of the respective semester has the right to reject leave application if he/she is not convinced with the evidence submitted.
– The leave application should be submitted to the coordinator on the first day of the student’s presence in the class.
– All absences which are uninformed or rejected by the semester coordinator will be considered as ABSENT.