With the increasing trend of economic liberalization, privatization, globalization, and emergence of various international and regional organizations like WTO, SAFTA, BIMSTEK, etc., the economic, business, and financial activities of nations around the world are expanding, integrating and unifying rapidly. While this trend has opened up numerous opportunities for trade, industry, commerce, finance, investment, banks etc. for any nation, it is also  posing  serious challenges to develop its competitive edge over other organizations in the national as well as global markets.  In this scenario, the role of business people, entrepreneurs, managers, and academicians has been crucial.

To deal with this challenge calls forth sound visionary leadership and highly innovative entrepreneurship quality from the business community and management professionals that is imbibed with a thorough understanding of the emergent environments and in -depth and state- of- the- art knowledge and skills of banking and finance.  The Faculty of Management, Pokhara University has designed Master of Business Administration (Finance) – MBA (Finance) program with the objective of preparing managers who are well conversant not only with the various latest managerial concepts, tools, and techniques but also with the banking, insurance and financial trends so that they can take up the challenges of leading and managing their organizations by building competitive edge in the national and global context.

The program deals with the issues on economic, financial, banking, foreign exchange, insurance, micro finance, etc. that affect the way business is conducted around the world. It aims to combine instruction, with opportunities to discuss course contents with faculty and students having a wide- range of finance expertise and perspective.