The Semester System
Each course is assigned certain number of credits depending on its lecture, tutorial and practical work hours in a week. One lecture/contact hour per week semester is assigned one credit. That is, a three credit hours course has 48 class hours. A faculty member is assigned to teach each course. In case, if the course is taught by more than one faulty member, a specific faculty member is designated as the coordinator for that course.

The prominent features of the semester system are the process of continuous evaluation of students’ performance and flexibility to allow the students to progress at a pace suited to his/her individual ability, subject to the regulation of credit requirement.

Academic Schedule and Course Registration
The academic session of BBA program consists of two semesters. The Fall Semester starts in September whereas the Spring Semester in March. Students are normally admitted to the program in the fall semester.
Students are required to register courses at the beginning of each semester. Since registration is a very important procedural part of the credit system, all students must present themselves at the college.
Registration in absence may be allowed only in rare cases at the discretion of principal. Student nominee cannot register for courses but will only be allowed to complete other formalities.

Normal and Maximum Duration of Study
The normal duration and maximum duration for the completion of the requirement for the program is as follows:
Normal duration: 4 Years (8 Semesters)
Maximum Duration: 6 Years (12 Semesters)

Repeating a Course
A course may be taken only once for a grade, except when a student receives a ‘D’ or ‘F’ grade. Since passing of all courses individually is a degree requirement, the student must retake the failing course when offered and must successfully complete the course.
Retaking a course in which the student has earned a ‘D’ grade is optional. A student may be allowed to retake a course to achieve a minimum CGPA of 2.0. However, a student cannot retake a particular course more than twice. The grade earned on the retake will be submitted for the grade earned first time the course was taken. In no circumstances, a student can repeat a course more than twice.